About us

About us

SMO ČR (Union of Towns and Municipalities of the Czech Republic) is a voluntary, apolitical and non-governmental organisation founded as an interest group of legal entities. Members of the Union are towns and municipalities.

SMO ČR is a partner to governmental and parliamentary political representation. It participates in the preparation and creation of draft legislative measures in areas pertaining to the competencies of municipalities. Activity of SMO ČR is primarily based on active participation of mayors, lord mayors and municipal representatives who, beyond the framework of their duties, also devote to general self-government issues.
SMO ČR associates approximately 2,500 municipalities and towns. They represent more than 70% of the total population of the Czech Republic. 
SMO ČR main objectives
  • To support and develop self-government democracy in the public administration of the Czech Republic and in the European Union,
  • To participate in the preparation of laws and other measures having an impact on local authorities, thus strengthening municipalities’ influence in the legislative area,
  • To duly inform the Government, Parliament and European Union institutions about the impact of the measures prepared by them on the quality of citizens’ life and the development of various areas,
  • To enhance the economic independence of towns and municipalities,
  • To inform and educate representatives and employees of municipal authorities,
  • To facilitate the creation of regional policy.

SMO ČR Booklet (basic information about SMO ČR in English, French German and Russian)

Structure of territorial self-government in the Czech Republic



15. October - 5. November 2019


23. October 2019 10:00-13:00

Školská komise

Praha, Kancelář Svazu
24. October 2019 09:30-09:30

Seminář k přechodu na DVB-T2 (pro hl. m. Prahu a Středočeský kraj)

MPO, Praha
24. October 2019 10:00-13:00

Pracovní skupina DPO

Praha, Kancelář Svazu
30. October 2019 13:00-16:00

Budoucnost naší krajiny: Co ještě nevíte o pozemkových úpravách



Union of Towns and Municipalities of the Czech Republic 
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